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How it works

For buyers


  • Contact the best suppliers
  • Create and manage your RFQs
  • Select the best offer
  • Place your order
  • Track production & shipment
  • Improve your supply chain
  • All service is FREE


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What you can do

Send RFQ (Request For Quotation)

Upload or create your RFQ with your terms and conditions. Preview, modify and send it directly to the best qualified suppliers.

Receive offer

Select the best offer matching your criteria.

Finalize your order

Contact directly the suppliers to negotiate.

Purchase and Track

Sign the deal and track the status until reception of the goods.

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For suppliers


  • Access new markets
  • Expand your network
  • Display your expertise
  • Submit and manage your offers
  • Finalize your order
  • Follow up and update your clients
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Download our Product Catalog

What you can do

Receive targeted enquiries

Accept only quotations according to your expertise. Avoid wasting time on trivial requests.

Make your offer

Manage the negotiation with the client.

Receive the confirmed order

Easily finalize orders with the clients.

Follow up the purchase order

Keep the client updated until payment and delivery.

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Our Global Network

About us

Steel Available is a data-driven supplier relationship management and sourcing platform that connects buyers and suppliers while ensuring compliance and visibility in the heavy industry.

Our mission

Reduce the hidden risk in value chains by providing the information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.

Our vision

Become a network enabler to
build an ecosystem for the heavy
industries and ignite collaboration
across the world.

Our values

We believe in an industrial world made of
trusted, passionate, and dedicated
people. We work to achieve this with an openminded, agile, and customer centered approach.

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