A flat rolled product from slabs or ingots of greater thickness than sheet or strip.

Major uses of steel plates:

  • The ballistic protection of cars
    • To protect from small-caliber bullets, steel sheets (with hardness of 600 HB), steel HHS plates (with hardness of 480-540 HB), or screens made of them are used.
  • Printing office
    • A printing technology is impossible without the use of steel plates with an average thickness of 0.5 mm made of hardened steel (hardness of 60-70 units. ST60G, ST65). 
  • The construction of wooden structures
    • Steel plates of various shapes and purposes:
      • Plasma-beam cutting helps make armature keys from a steel plate 1 mm in thickness (25 mm in height)
      • Foot-irons are made from a steel plate 10 mm in thickness and 50-70 mm in width
      • Various steel connector plates with needle nails, 25-125 mm in width.
  • House facilitation
    • The heating system cannot do without steel plates. Two plates of 1.2–2 mm with stamped pricks form a section of the radiator.
  • Transformer manufacturing
    • In architecture, as decoration and in many other fields of the economy, science and production.


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