Power Generation

Power generation industries include power plants and energy industries. Nuclear power plants require steels with special application to withstand severe conditions in the nuclear power plant. For example, Nickel and titanium alloys have corrosion resistant grades, which will be critical for the nuclear market.

In order to produce and distribute electricity, products like transformers (magnetic steel core), generators, electric motors, power distribution pylons, and steel-reinforced cables are needed. Since most power generation systems require severe temperature or pressure prevention, specialized steel products are needed.

For example, offshore oil platforms, equipment for oil and gas extraction and production, and storage tanks utilize steel products characteristics.

Steel is used in nuclear and fossil fuel-based energy:
– mining equipment
– offshore oil platforms
– oil and gas extraction and production equipment
– pipelines for the distribution of natural gas and oil
– storage tanks
– power plants.

Steel is used for energy transport and distribution:
– ships, trucks and trains used to transport fuel
– transport networks: steel is required for bridges, tunnels, rail track, and in constructing buildings such as fueling stations, train stations, ports and airports.

Fossil fuel power plants:

High temperature-resistant steels have made efficiency in steam power plants possible and have the potential to be developed and employed even further.

Combined heat and power (CHP) allows waste heat in power plants to be used for power generation as heat energy, increasing the overall efficiency of fossil fuel power plants. The waste heat is transported exclusively in steel pipes.

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