Steel is used in all areas of renewable energy:

Biomass: steel is used extensively in agriculture. Steel can be used in many different tools and structures such as hoes, shovels, modern ploughs, irrigation systems and grain storage silos, etc.

Solar: steel plays a key role in converting solar energy into electricity or hot water. It is used as a base for solar thermal-panels and in pumps, tanks and heat exchangers.

Wave and tidal: a steel pile is the main component of a tidal turbine in tidal energy systems. Steel is also used to fabricate wave energy devices. The steel used is formulated to withstand the challenges of the marine environment.

Hydroelectric: steel is needed to reinforce concrete dams. This system includes a generator, turbine, and transformer, which all include steel in them as a part.
The generator itself is not a simple machine. It includes different types of steel such as rotor, stator, and shaft. Some has electromagnetic characteristics, while others have corrosion resistance. Therefore, various types of steel are needed.

Wind: steel is the main material used in onshore and off-shore wind turbines. Almost every component of a wind turbine is made of steel, from the foundation, to the tower, gears and casings (see Steel Solutions in the Green Economy: Wind turbines). Steel provides the strength for taller, more efficient wind turbines.

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