Steel S355: The Ideal material for Heavy-Duty Applications

When it comes to versatile and durable materials, Steel S355 stands out as a top choice. Renowned for its robust […]


Advantages of Steel Pipes in Fluid Conveyance Systems: A Comprehensive Comparison

The manufacturing process of welded steel pipes was invented in the 1820s by the Englishmen James Russell and Cornelius Whitehouse […]


The 10 most common questions regarding steel pipes.

What are the different types of steel pipes? Steel pipes come in various types, including seamless steel pipes, welded steel […]


What are the differences between API 2B and API5L standards?

API 2B and API 5L are both standards developed by the American Petroleum Institute (API) for the steel pipes used […]


Best strategies to develop new piping suppliers in China

Developing a new supplier in the steel and piping industry in China requires a strategic and systematic approach. Here are […]

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The main issues using hydrogen as a fuel at the current stage

Hydrogen has several advantages as a potential clean energy carrier, but it also faces several challenges and issues at the […]

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What are the differences between BWG and SWG?

The Birmingham Wire Gauge (BWG) and the Standard Wire Gauge (SWG) are two different systems for measuring the thickness or […]


How Artificial Intelligence can power the piping industry.

Certainly, here are some specific applications of Generative AI in the steel pipes industry: Quality Control and Defect Detection: Generative […]

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Getting machinery insurance and protection for your construction company

Nobody derives pleasure in paying for insurance, but it is a very vital aspect of a business. This is because […]

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Things You Should Know About Metal Stamped And Assembled Components

An industrial process used by the metal manufacturing industry, metal stamping is a procedure used to produce high volumes of […]