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How Artificial Intelligence can power the piping industry.

Certainly, here are some specific applications of Generative AI in the steel pipes industry: Quality Control and Defect Detection: Generative […]

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What are the main KPIs for a procurement department in the steel industry?

In the steel industry, a procurement department plays a critical role in sourcing raw materials, components, and services necessary for […]

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“Be like Bill” – Industry Special Edition

Each of the 8 following industry experts has a story that portrays their daily trouble, how Steel Available became their […]

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Digital Supply Chains: Is it all about data?

Innovation is key to maintain leadership, and this is the basic principle for every industry. Published on 11 July 2017 […]

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The Path to a Sustainable Supply Chain in the Steel Industry

HONG KONG – As the global economy fluctuates after Brexit, we feel the urge to share the relevant learnings from […]

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Implications to Heavy Industries from HK’s Move on Sustainability

HONG KONG – Held on June 14th, 2016 at Community Business’ Community Investment Forum – Enhancing Your Brand Beyond Compliance: ESG […]

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Digitizing Supply Chain to cut fixed costs

Steel Available has been featured in a new article in AOG Digital, Asian Oil and Gas magazine. This article was originally […]

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