An Introduction to Steel Available

Tuesday July 18th, 2017 | Jennifer Jäger | Steel Available, Technical Expertise

We created Steel Available, to reduce your everyday pain points so that you can focus on maintaining the important relationships.


Steel Available can help you source Steel Products


Who does what in the steel industry?

We answer this question by helping buyers understand: Who is really capable to supply a specific steel product to them? Or how qualified is a certain supplier?

This video will give an introduction to Steel Available (just 90 sec).



Are those problems familiar to you?


I‘m a Buyer

Our client Lin is tired of wasting her time on finding a supplier that keeps stock or is able to manufacture the parts. Furthermore, verifying credentials and accessing the right information is frustrating.



I‘m a Supplier

Our client Luigi is wasting time and feels unproductive, because some of the inquiries do not actually match his company‘s expertise. He is eagerly seeking visibility of his company‘s capabilities.


Benefit from our data-driven solution


I‘m a Buyer

Our client Lin can now immediately contact suppliers, select the best offer, and then track the progress of the project.



I‘m a Supplier

Our client Luigi can now effectively display his expertise, create trustworthy relationships, and expand his network globally.



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We are Steel Available, an online supplier relationship management and sourcing platform connecting suppliers and buyers from the heavy industry. We are developing the first ecosystem in the heavy industry. It allows clients to efficiently manage and automate their supply chains using web-based tools and services. Our goal is to reduce the hidden risk in value chains. We do it by providing the information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.

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Jennifer Jäger

Design & Marketing Manager @Steel Available