Get your camera ready for Steel Available’s Photo Contest

Monday November 14th, 2016 | Jennifer Jäger | Events, Steel Available

Steel is everywhere!

Upload Your Best Photo Inspired By “Made Of Steel”, we will make it viral!

Your inspiration may be just around you… industrial buildings, vehicles, skyscrapers, kitchen utensils, lamps, keys, screws or food cans. Be creative and get the chance to win a prize. The more you share, like and comment your picture, the best chance you have to win !!

The winner will get a mix of different flavors of craft beer with his (or his Company) name printed on the bottles delivered to his home! Deadline is November 29th.

Riding the 4.0 digital revolution, Steel Available is disrupting the Steel Industry supply chain, bringing in definitive transparency, efficiency and sustainability. For more information:

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We are Steel Available, an online supplier relationship management and sourcing platform connecting suppliers and buyers from the heavy industry. We are developing the first ecosystem in the heavy industry. It allows clients to efficiently manage and automate their supply chains using web-based tools and services. Our goal is to reduce the hidden risk in value chains. We do it by providing the information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.

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Jennifer Jäger

Design & Marketing Manager @Steel Available