6 Free Online Tools To Boost Business Productivity Today

Sunday February 5th, 2017 | Diane de Beaudrap | Productivity

Time is money. If there is one thing that small startups and large corporations both love, it is efficient business procedures.

At Steel Available, we want to push the heavy industry to embrace digitization and to work smarter. We therefore started a newsletter about work productivity and procurement strategies for our friends in the industry and we hope you will find it useful. You are most welcome to subscribe here.

To start, here are 6 free resources that we recommend to help boost your company’s productivity:




This instant messaging app made it into MIT’s 10 Breakthrough Technologies list because it makes communication between colleagues easy on both desktop and mobile devices. The platform allows you to segment your messages under different “channels” so that each person will only see messages that are relevant to their role.




HubSpot Sales

A powerful tool to send and organize your sales emails, track metrics, and even find new prospects — no more messy inboxes and excel sheets!



Email Huntericon_hunter_1

You no longer have to waste time and guess email addresses because this gem lets you find email addresses associated with any company’s website, including LinkedIn.





You can budget your trade show costs, scan business cards, capture leads, follow-up, and analyze your performance — a great solution to boost your trade show ROI. Even better? Our readers get free access to the tool here!






Buffer is a good content management tool; you can easily schedule and plan new posts across your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest pages in one platform.




It’s super easy to design beautiful graphics, documents, and presentations with Canva even if you have no design background or experience with Photoshop!




What other frustrations do you have about how the heavy industry operates? Let us know — we’d love to explore those topics more in the future!

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