Things You Should Know About Metal Stamped And Assembled Components

Thursday February 18th, 2021 | Francesco Grillo | 기술 전문지식

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An industrial process used by the metal manufacturing industry, metal stamping is a procedure used to produce high volumes of components from metal sheets. These processes could range from blanking, punching to piercing, bending and more.

Metal stamping requires expert skills and knowledge. Hiring efficient organizations such as UHI Group – metal components machine shop for the job can be helpful. If you are considering appointing professionals for the job, relevant information in this article may help you find the appropriate stamping company conveniently.

The process

Metal stamping involves several steps and uses dies in the process. These dies are designed by creative minds. Not just robotically created, metal stamping needs experienced hands so that these pieces can fit perfectly and aid in the functioning of the unit in which it is used. Any ill-fitted pieces are of no use as dies need to be accurate in their dimensions.

Several tools and machines are used to make stamped iron. Among the essential items required to make it are the sheet metal, stamping die and stamping press. The procedure aims at casting a proper shape and size on the alloy for its required purpose. Both cold forming and hot stamping can be used as different processes.

In metal stamping, when the alloy is cut and formed, friction is created between the alloy and the die resulting in the generation of heat. Ordering stamped alloy from a reputable company can ensure well-constructed parts that can be used exactly the way you want them to.

Use of stamped metal

Stamped alloy is a part and parcel of your everyday life. From their use in household appliances to vehicle manufacturing, alloy sheets are used for creating a plethora of essential and non-essential goods. Be it your dryer or the washing machine, your pots and pans you cook and serve in, all need to undergo the alloy stamping process.

Among some of the other items created using through the stamping and assembling process are aluminium cans used for a variety of beverages, lighters, silver and goldware, jewellery, gun shells, etc.

Also, your high-tech gizmos such as laptops, computers, etc. use parts culled from stamped alloy. Here’s some interesting information on how stamped metal jewellery is made at

Benefits of hiring a professional metal stamping agency

If you need to make a complex product, appointing an expert agency will be advantageous.

Saves time and money

The industrial process of stamping involves a lot of money. Be it the machines, tools, or equipment, it requires a proper setup and skilled handling of the machines. This increases the overall cost. Hiring an alloy impress company can also save your time as you have to neither worry about appointing new employees nor conduct any research on sourcing reliable products. This way you can focus on building your business.

Reliable impressing companies enable customized services to help customers produce the appropriate design and shape of products as needed.

Automated production 

Automated production enables clients to get their supplies faster. If you have a time constraint and need to deliver a product at the earliest, you can trust a dependable alloy imprinting company for timely rollout. Of course, this makes a better choice than assembling alloy parts by hand.

Uniform product

Top-rated companies can be expected to employ qualified staff who are trained to assemble products perfectly. Automated systems can undoubtedly create uniform products as you can be sure that every piece is being put together in the same fashion. With uniform products you can boast of quality supplies on your inventory, thus attracting more customers and guaranteeing customer satisfaction in the long run.

What to consider when hiring a metal stamping company 

How much quantity can they deliver?

While quality is an important factor to consider when hiring a metal stamping company, make sure that they can deliver in quantity as well. If your business needs products in high volumes, such a vendor will never let you down. As a customer check if the shortlisted company has required the right staff strength, tools, and technology to deliver uniformly at reasonable costs and great speed.

What is the technology they use

Every metal has its unique blend of chemical and mechanical properties. A knowledgeable stamping company with years of experience will know what can be best achieved from these alloys. With the right tools and techniques, a company can ensure that the exclusive property of any alloy is used to yield exactly what the customers want.

Common metals used for imprinting purposes include brass, copper, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel, steel, aluminium, titanium, galvanized steel and platinum.

Do they take appropriate measures to reduce costs and increase accuracy?

Metal stamping can be done in several ways, especially if you are looking at the ways of production. A company that efficiently saves your cost and ensures ways to involve less scrap will make a good choice.

Accuracy is something you can’t compromise. A company that has the right knowledge about imprinting procedures can guarantee durability and functionality. They will be better positioned to recommend ways in which you can enhance the process to get improved results.

Regardless of the company you shortlist, make sure that it is capable of delivering optimal quality in every way. You can ask the company if they are open to allowing their customers to take a tour. A tour can help you gauge the various quality controls along with the production processes. Also, you can observe the measures that are taken to troubleshoot when needed.

Troubleshooting at the right time can help identify crucial production issues at an early stage, thus preventing hassles in the long run.

A company that uses the latest technology in its processes can bring down the cost, time and simultaneously work towards the production of metal stampings in large volumes. Be it fuse clips, hose clamps, furniture parts, fuse boxes, sensor components, brake components, lightning components, wire and cable connectors or transmission components, make sure to do your research before finalizing the contractor for your intended job.