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Monday December 12th, 2016 | Jennifer Jäger | Partners

Did you enjoy our post about Online Tools To Boost Business Productivity ? Then, you will be happy to find out more information about myfairtool. We had the chance to interview Julien Rio, the founder of myfairtool during an exhibition in December 2016.

Hi! I’m Julien, the founder of myfairtool. After participating in countless trade shows all over the world, I decided it was about time someone tried to improve exhibitors’ lives.

How did you get the idea of myfairtool?

I had to manage booths at multiple events in the past few years. Every single time I had to face the same difficulties over and over again: too many items to handle, lack a clarity in the budget, difficulty to promote my booth, old-fashioned inefficient way of capturing leads, huge delays in follow-ups, inability to track results, etc.
One day I decided I had enough and built a system to solve all these problems. A few years later, I made this solution available to everyone – myfairtool was born.

How can you help companies get the best of trade shows? Any specific focus for the heavy industry? For startups?

myfairtool isn’t made for a specific industry or a specific category of company. We make it affordable and user friendly for anyone, from startups to international corporates.
What myfairtool does is offering a one-stop solution to manage every aspect of your show: from planning & budgeting to scanning business cards, capturing leads, following-up, tracking results and much more!
myfairtool replaces 8 softwares and includes it all in a single platform so you and your team could benefit from it and centralize everything.



The only trade show solution to assist exhibitors through every step of their journey.

Who are your customers and why should your customers use your tool?

People use myfairtool because it helps them saving a lot of time, increase their efficiency and get more business. myfairtool saves days of work pre-show and post-show by streamlining the workflow. In average, myfairtool users save 5 complete days of work per event.
But it goes beyond that! We help people save money as well by better controlling their budget and offering them digital solutions to their physical problems and we also help them get more business. At a trade show, 50% of the deals go to the exhibitor that follows-up first – with myfairtool you follow-up instantly, from your booth.

What is the new trend in the exhibition world? Do you see any strategic focus for myfairtool?

The business events world does not evolve quickly – it takes time for people to change their habits and make proper use of new technologies. Unfortunately, those who reject evolution are always the first to disappear! You can either benefit from new technologies or lose your competitive edge and leave business to your competitors.
myfairtool is the perfect example: our users are better prepared, follow-up faster, spend less money and dedicate more time to their clients. It gives them a strategic advantage on their competitors: while others are still transferring their paper notes to excel, they already signed a contract and prepare the next order!



What were the most difficult features to implement in the tool?

The major difficulty of myfairtool is to cater everyone. Our objective is to please as many people as possible and make our solution affordable to everyone, even companies with less experience or budget.
Unfortunately, you can never satisfy everyone and every business is unique. So our biggest challenge is to always simplify our tools while giving sufficient flexibility to users for them to maximize their impact. It takes a lot of trial and errors and a constant flow of feedback from our most loyal users to keep being the best at what we do.

What are the next releases? Which updates should we expect for myfairtool?

We will soon release myfairtool app!
The major advantage of this app is the possibility to use it offline – too often trade show venues don’t provide good WiFi connection and we want our users to be able to benefit from our technology even when the environment isn’t favourable.

Where do you see myfairtool in 5 years?

We have great ambitions for myfairtool! What we have developed so far is only the tip of the iceberg. 5 years from now myfairtool will become absolutely essential to any exhibitor.
I don’t want to share too much yet, but I strongly recommend that you follow us closely!

Some words about your collaboration with Steel Available?

Steel Available is the perfect partner for us. They are a fast growing startup with an international reach and an intense activity at trade shows and business events. They have been a strong supporter of myfairtool from the very beginning and our collaboration is a win-win. We help them get better results when participating in exhibitions and they provide us with valuable feedback that help always improving our platform.

Question for our readers: Are you like John or Josh?


infographic exhibition

INFOGRAPHIC : Follow-up after an exhibition at trade shows




Julien Rio is the Founder & CEO of myfairtool, the only trade show solution to assist exhibitors through every step of their journey.
He is a Marketing & Trade Show expert changing the way companies exhibiting at trade shows manage their event and maximize their return on investment.
Prior to founding myfairtool, Julien lead the marketing effort of lalamove the largest logistics startup in Asia.







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