Why use Boots with Rubber Outsole For Construction?

Thursday March 19th, 2020 | Francesco Grillo | Industry News

The use of rubberized outsoles in construction shoes has led to the creation of the modern day waterproof construction work boots. With the rising need for construction companies and other industries to meet safety standards, construction boots are officially regarded as standard safety gear accessory. Therefore, care must be taken while choosing a good pair of boots for your work.

However, there are numerous benefits as to why waterproof construction boots have rubber outsoles when compared with their counterparts like plastic, foam, cork, etc. The major reason is that rubber is highly adaptable and can be incorporated into different materials to make the outsoles stronger and nearly wear-resistant.

What makes a pair of construction boots with rubber outsoles ‘waterproof’ you may ask. With ultra-waterproof leather, metal toe plates and rubber outsoles brought together, you get the perfect waterproof construction work boots which makes it nearly indestructible to weather changes and extreme working conditions.

Let us look at the other benefits that rubberized outsoles add to a pair of waterproof construction boots:

  • Anti-slip properties

With rubberized outsoles, shoes can virtually have any texture etched into the surface. This makes them highly resistant to slippages caused due to oil and other viscous materials like crude oil. Thus, walking on different gradients becomes easy, especially when workers have to carry loads by themselves at such locations.

  • Comfort and support

Rubberized outsoles are solid and give a very rigid support to the insoles. This makes it easy for the other elements of boots like ankle support and toe plates to be in place. Also, the leg muscles experience less fatigue thus reducing injury during working activities.

Such robust construction is ideal for comfort and you can enjoy a much relaxed pace while working with them.

  • Waterproof

Waterproof work boots have special leather that repels water. The leather used for waterproof work boots is treated all the way from tanning and therefore, has higher resistance to moisture. Some of the shoes have special membranes added to the leather to increase this property.

  • Certification

Many of the waterproof construction boots are made as per safety standards to qualify for being truly waterproof. Standards like ASTM F2413 prescribes the criteria for a good pair of safety work boots; therefore, look for certifications to ensure that you get the perfect construction boots for your work. You can find more information regarding these standards at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steel-toe_boot.

  • Durability

Waterproof construction work boots are highly durable. Thanks to the rubber outsoles and other materials used, the work boots become highly adaptable to different terrains. They also have shock-absorbing patterns for better flexing and keeping leg and calf muscles relaxed.

  • Cost-effective

A pair of construction work boots is not just necessarily meant for work. Nowadays, waterproof construction boots are trendy and can be used for hiking, camping and other leisure activities. This is one good investment and proves versatile for almost all seasons.

Health benefits of waterproof construction work boots

Waterproof construction boots do offer health benefits apart from slippage and protection from work hazards.

  • Blister-free feet

Blisters can be painful, especially while working on rough terrains and hard conditions. The rubber seams prevent water from seeping inside the boots and prevents blisters. During winters, they keep feet dry and warm, thus protecting them from low temperatures.

  • Protection from chemicals

Feet are most prone to spillage hazards and the first to encounter toxic substances at workplace. Waterproof construction work boots offer good protection to the user in such an environment and prevent direct bodily contact, thereby, maintaining safety.

It also protects feet from burns, temperature changes, protection from falling objects, etc. To know more about the types of hazards that workers encounter at work place, read this.


Waterproof construction work boots are essential for protection while working in hazardous and extremely active areas. They not only provide protection but also act as a barrier and prevent feet from being injured.

Here, we have given a fair idea about things to look for while buying a good pair of waterproof boots. Though they are a bit expensive when compared to other types of shoes, but if you consider them as an investment for your health, the payoff is indeed there in the long run.