“Be like Bill” – Industry Special Edition


Each of the following industry experts has a story that portrays their daily trouble, how Steel Available became their solution and the advantage gained for their everyday work lives. 

If you’ve been anywhere near Facebook or Twitter, you might have noticed the #BeLikeBill hashtag appearing next to a picture of a stick figure. In this article, you can take a look at our industrial alternative of “Be like Bill” for the Industry 4.0.

Have you ever sourced products from a new company and found yourself concerned whether the supplier is truly capable of manufacturing a certain product for you? Do they have the proper machinery and can they deliver it on time?

At Steel Available, we solve problems for buyers, suppliers and everyone in between. Steel Available is a tool designed for the entire industrial ecosystem.

To see where you stand and how we can help you, read about some industry professionals that have already joined the network! Each person has a story that portrays their problem, how Steel Available became their solution and the advantage gained for their everyday work lives. We encourage you to be like them and join us in the Steel Available network!



# Be resourceful

Christine, CFO from France





# Be productive

Jane, Sales Associate from the US




# Be ingenious

Mr. Yoshi, Technical Manager from Japan


technical manager



# Be agile

Mrs. Lee, Production Manager from South Korea




# Be innovative

Halim, Sales Manager from Indonesia



to be continued…


More industry experts that can’t wait to share their story with you every week.

(#6) Sourcing Manager

(#7) CEO

(#8) Quality Manager



Which expert story did you like the most?


We are Steel Available, an online supplier relationship management and sourcing platform connecting suppliers and buyers from the heavy industry. We are developing the first ecosystem in the heavy industry. It allows clients to efficiently manage and automate their supply chains using web-based tools and services. Our goal is to reduce the hidden risk in value chains. We do it by providing the information that matters, from compliance to quality assurance, creating value for all stakeholders.

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